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Chef & Knife konro grill

The Chef & Knife Konro-grill The Chef & Knife Konro grill with its stainless steel frame makes it perfect for both home use and the rigors of a professional kitchen. Its compact design makes it the perfect size for any surface. It offers more versatility, better taste and a more enjoyable cooking experience than you could ever imagine. It's the ultimate sous vide finishing tool, and trust us, we've tried many sous vide cooked foods.

The special tiles reflect the heat back into the grill, keeping the temperature constant. They are specially designed to withstand temperatures up to nearly 1,200ºC/ 2,200ºF.

If you've ever traveled to Japan, you'll have seen one of these little barbecues on just about every street corner. Especially if you walk through the entertainment district of Osaka (Dontonbori near Namba station), you will find a Konro in almost every restaurant with an expert operator spinning Yakitori skewers or other delicious snacks.

The Konro is probably better known in the west as a hibachi grill, but in Japan it is called Shichirin or Konro. It's a bit complicated, but the names Shichirin and Konro probably evolved from the days when these little clay or ceramic fire boxes were made for cooking rather than just heating.

The Konro grills are best to use when grilling meat, fish or vegetables. Recommended to use with Binchotan Charcoal due to its long burning properties and ability to seal in natural flavors without imparting other aromas.

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