Chopping boards from Hasegawa: light, sturdy and stable


We have different types of cutting boards, but what we want to talk about today is Hasegawa's FSB series. It is a polyethylene cutting board that is more resistant to stains and deep grooves than most cutting boards. The wood core structure increases the benefits below.

Hasegawa cutting boards

Hasegawa is the leading rubber cutting board manufacturer in Japan. The Hasegawa cutting boards are very soft for the edge, unlike the regular synthetic plastic boards that are too hard for your sharp Japanese knives. Hasegawa cutting boards are antibacterial, unlike traditional cutting boards that need to be sterilized after each use. Many professional chefs therefore use this type of antibacterial boards in the kitchen.

FSB-serie cutting boards

The cutting board manufacturer Hasegawa has different series, but the FSB series we distribute, are polyethylene cutting boards that have a harder surface than the soft series. Its rough surface makes it much more difficult for ingredients to move and is therefore suitable for cutting and filleting fish. Use this cutting board with the Japanese cutting techniques where we make an up and down movement and push forward. The German and French style are less suitable for this type of cutting board.


There are many types of polyethylene and each has a different molecular weight and hardness that create different physical characteristics. The PE that Hasegawa uses is a mix of three PEs. This improves the ideal hardness, hygienic properties, durability, etc.

The antibacterial agent used for Hasegawa cutting boards and mixed with the polyethylene is recognized by the Japan Antibacterial Products Association.



Wooden core

Unlike other brands of cutting boards that are made from a single piece of synthetic rubber, Hasegawa went one step further by incorporating a piece of wood core into the cutting board. The advantage of this is that the boards do not warp or bend with prolonged use or washing at a high temperature, which you see with other brands of thin cutting boards. 

The wood core also reduces the weight by 30% compared to other solid plastic cutting boards, making it easier to work with and reducing the burden of washing heavy cutting boards.  

Due to the wooden core, Hasegawa cutting boards are light, sturdy, always stable and dishwasher safe. This indicates that the technology and precision that Hasegawa puts into their products is of a high level.


The wooden core of Hasegawa's cutting board is fully sterilized and covered with thick plastic layers and is never exposed except for unusual rough handling.

The chopping board is SIAA certified, which is one of the highest sanitary standards awarded in Japan. Antibacterial surfaces that meet SIAA standards have been tested to show 1% of bacterial growth compared to untreated surfaces.

Maintenance and precautions

Rinse the cutting board regularly to prevent stains from settling in. This can easily be done in the dishwasher.

Gebruik of bewaar de snijplank bij temperaturen boven de 90°C of onder de -30°C.

Do not throw freshly fried food on it. At red-hot temperatures, the board will absorb the oil and fat, causing the cutting board to discolour.


“Very good cutting board! I have this cutting board and a large, thick end grain board. While I love both, this board is better for my knives and very easy to wash and move! This Hasegawa I highly recommend this cutting board!” (Reid L.)

“Glad to have this cutting board. The wood core makes it lighter and more resistant to warping. The FSB version appears to be a durable material with just enough slack to be gentle on knives. The blades don't bite it all the way in, but it doesn't slide over it either." (Jonathan P.)

“I bought two of these Hasegawa cutting boards last month. They are simply the best boards on the market. As a chef, I really appreciate the high quality of these boards. I use both boards daily. They are easy to clean and gentle on your knives. Chef & Knife provided me with excellent service and guidance. I received them very quickly at my home. Brecht simply has the best products in his cooking shop. Thank you!" (Richard O.)

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