How often do you have to sharpen a knife?

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How often should a knife be sharpened?

This is a difficult question to answer unambiguously, but we will give it a try. How often you should have your knives sharpened depends on how intensively you use the knife and what type of steel it is made of.

The duller you let the blade get, the more steel you will have to remove to restore the edge. This will shorten the life of your knife. But what exactly is a dull knife? A dull knife is for us when you can no longer cut tomatoes or peppers.

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First and foremost, we need to know the difference between a sharpening steel and a waterstone . You should use a sharpening steel almost weekly for the maintenance of your edge. It is best to use a water stone when you no longer achieve the desired result with a sharpening steel.

What is the difference between a traditional sharpener and sharpening your knife yourself with a water stone? When using kitchen knives intensively, you will soon notice that a knife shows more wear in certain places. This wear is due to the frequent use of a sharpening steel. This removes the original profile of the knife. It is therefore the job of the sharpener to not only sharpen the knife but also to re-profile it. You can immediately think that it is not an easy task for the sharpener to know all these shapes.

As a general rule, professional chef's knives should be sharpened every three months. For a hobby chef this will be less frequent and once a year is usually sufficient


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